How to Get Free Xbox Unused Legit Codes Without Using CC Paypal or Debit Card

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About Xbox Live Game Pass Codes

Before introducing a circumstance related to Xbox, some of you might have searched on the net where they can find any legit ways to get free Xbox codes online Some of them might have found some sites that said to provide a real unused legit valid code of xbox live gold without completing survey or offer However, some of those sites may probably be scams ones And, before talking about how to get free xbox live gold and xbox game pass code with no cc or human verification, you may have to know what xbox really is

For you out there who always play console games, they may have known Xbox where this gaming console is presented by Microsoft as a home video gaming brand where this is the first attempt at producing something for the gaming console market.
Xbox itself will only serve you gameplay that you can do at your leisure but it also provides applications for games and streaming services.

Along with this circumstance, for you to know that the first game was launched on November 15, 2001 in the United States of America along with the launch of the original Xbox console.

Later on, the original Xbox was publicly launched in Japan on February 22, 2002, in Australia and Europe on March 14, 2002.

Since the first launching, the product has experienced some different changes resulting in Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Anyway, the original Xbox always offer an inherent feature that can be an online gaming via Xbox Live as the main feature where it allows you to compete with other players online.

On the other side, Xbox Live is available for free that is called Xbox Live Free
And, the paid version is called Xbox Live Gold that allows their users to subscribe to monthly or annually with specific price.

You can get a lot of benefits offered by Xbox Live Gold that you can see from these features
Option of private chat among players online
Compete with players online
Matchmaking, also called Smartmatch
Cloud Space for storing files
Option of broadcasting one’s own gameplay
Exclusive access to special offers, Games with Gold, and Video Kinect
Free video games
Early access to game demos compared to regular users
Discount up to 75% in the Xbox Store every week

In line with this, all of these Xbox Live Gold features will help you become a consistent member in the Xbox community where you will be able to make your own avatar, send requests, interact and compete with other players.

Additionally, you can also compare your personal achievements with other players in the community to show which is the best among others you
Besides, you can also be able to track your gameplay movement which is a feature most looked forward to by regular players.

About Free Xbox Live Codes Online Generator

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These xbox live gold code and xbox game pass code generator are active at all times where it is possible for everyone to use it whenever they need to purchase something from the Xbox Store and enjoy all features of Xbox Live Gold as paid membership Besides, the server hosting this xbox code online generator will always be online to allow you to enjoy the privileges of Xbox Live Gold always. Although you get to enjoy the benefits of Xbox Live Gold with our help, you don’t have to pay us a penny. So, it is absolutely free.

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As this xbox code online tool is made in internet based, so it will always be accessible from all devices you are using at this moment. As this xbox code online generator is hosted online and does not need any installation, your system will not be affected by any virus or malware. So, it can be said that this xbox code tool is secure and no complaint has ever been made about it. As an addition, this xbox code tool allows you to generate unlimited number of xbox live gold or xbox game pass codes where there is no stopping you from playing the games that you love on your favorite xbox console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Refund For Xbox Live Gold That Have Been Bought at That Day?
If you have purchased your Xbox Live Gold membership before Xbox One and Xbox 360 system updates you can cancel your membership.
One thing you should notice is that you may get a pro-rate refund for the number of unused days remaining between the day of cancellation and the date your membership ends.

Can I Cancel My Xbox Live Gold Membership Anytime?
To cancel your membership immediately, you may need to contact Xbox Support as soon as possible.
At that day, if you manage to cancel it quickly, you will lose access to your services until the end of your membership period.
In accordance with this, if you want to end your xbox live gold membership subscription by the end of your membership period you may firstly need to turn off auto renewal.
Just follow these simple steps to do it:
Firstly, log in to your Microsoft Account
Make sure to log into the account which is associated with Xbox Live.
If you can’t find the correct account, email or password, just check the option ‘Find my Microsoft Account‘.
Secondly, go to My Account once you log in.
Thirdly, simply go to the Xbox Live section then cancel Auto Payment.

How to Use A Debit Card as a Payment Option On Xbox Live ?
In order to use your debit card for your payment option, you may need to follow these simple steps carefully
1. Log in to your Microsoft account to change the payment option.
2. Click on Services & subscriptions.
3. Go to the Xbox Live section where you will find a “Paid with” option which you have select there.
4. Then make necessary changes.
5. Because of deleting your existing payment option you may need to add a new one.
6. Later on, click on Add a new way to pay, click Next button, then follow the steps to make your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account for your new payment option.

How to Check If My Xbox Live Gold Account is in An Active Period?
a. Make sure go to then Go to My Account
b. Then sign in using your Microsoft account email and password correctly
Note that if you forgot your account details, click the ‘Find my Account’ option to locate where your account is.

How to Use Xbox Gift Card On Xbox one?
In order to redeem xbox gift card or prepaid code, simply click on ‘use a code’ that you can find on the Xbox web page.
Then, go to Games then see ‘use a code’ option.
Notes for anyone using Kinect to redeem the code, you can use the QR code on your xbox gift card by holding it up to the Kinect sensor.


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