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If you purchase anything at Microsoft with credit card, you may not get special or cheap price
But, if you purchase xbox new games or other features with xbox gift cards, you will get discounted price
In line with this, Xbox Live Gold was launched as a subscription service for your Xbox Live account where you can subscribe the newest game and other features offered by Microsoft that you can enjoy with your Xbox One and Xbox 360 family.
And, Xbox Live Gold includes a monthly, quarterly or annual fee, based on what type you want to use for a subscription

By activating Xbox Live Gold membership subscription, you will get an access of some advantages offered by Microsoft such as exclusive games to download every month, exclusive discounts, possibility to use some applications only available through this subscription program or enjoy the online games on Xbox One.
According to Xbox Live Gold membership subscription, you can also subscribe to Xbox Live Gold in several different ways based upon how long you want to enjoy its advantages or the price you are willing to pay.

If you want to play online and take full advantage of Xbox Live Gold for a long time, getting the annual subscription of xbox live gold is the best option

However, if you only want to access some of the features of the Microsoft service for a short period of time, you may pick for the monthly or quarterly subscription of xbox live gold.
You may also consider to try Xbox Live Gold for a limited period of time in which Microsoft has a feature such as a month’s worth of Xbox Live Gold that you can use it for the first time.

On the other side, many of the games that include multiplayer on Xbox One and Xbox 360 have a code exchangeable for a service test, in which it will usually last 14 days
So, be sure to test it and decide later if the offer is enough to pay for a subscription

If you are an Xbox Live user, who really love gaming with Xbox console, you may sometimes spend your savings to get the premium Xbox Live Gold membership, right?
Anyway, Microsoft’s Xbox Live service has great features for the game lovers specially for online multiplayer lovers.

They have two service levels for the users, one is Free Xbox Live
And, the other one is Xbox Live Gold which is not free, and you must purchase it to renew your membership subscription.

By using live Xbox gold membership, you can enjoy some features from Microsoft, such as playing offline games, watching movies, chatting with friends, using superb apps like WWE Network, Netflix and much more in the Free subscription.
But, you may not be allowed to play games online if you are not a paid user of Xbox Live.
Again,by having Xbox Live Gold Membership, you will be able to get this excellent service Xbox Live to play online multiplayer with your friends and other players worldwide

You know Xbox Live Gold is a paid service.
Moreover, if you want to enjoy the most recent games from Microsoft, you may need to top up $25 $50 $100 monthly for your account at Microsoft site
If you want to subscribe all features inside Microsoft site, you may need to pay $59,99 for 6 month and $99,99 for yearly access.

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